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Common Snakes found in Southbroom

Common snakes found in Southbroom – we have put up posters to help inform you of the common snakes found here in Southbroom as identification and understanding snake behaviour is a great start to helping people overcome their deeply rooted fear of them.

We encourage you to please refrain from killing snakes as they are an integral part of our ecosystem – if you are looking for someone local to capture a snake that is in your house and to help relocate it then you can contact local snake handlers – Sarel Van der Merwe 082 683 1604 OR Hadyn Bircher 082 708 2125. Please make sure you use verified snake handlers who practice ethical releases of captured snakes back into reserves and conservation areas which are human free.

For more information on snakes you can also visit KZN’s snake guru Nick Evans facebook page KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation or visit his website

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