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Local Environmental Bylaws

Our country is a signatory to the Convention on Biodiversity, which highlights the wisdom of protecting landscapes, ecosystems, communities, habitats, species and genes (together making up our biodiversity).

National and Regional controls are in place in legislation.

On a local level, we must abide by our municipal bylaws which control, amongst other things, the removal of indigenous vegetation.

If you intend building, or wish to remove or lop and top a tree, be sure to contact the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality Environmental officers : FEZIWE MHLONGO
Contact number: 039-688 2271/5 or 039-9254
Contact numbers: 039-688 2271/5 or  079 467 6763/061 295 6234

before you start. The Ray Nkonyeni Municipality has started prosecuting environmental offenders and the fines and costs that may now be imposed are starting to outweigh the benefits of a stolen view!

The dense growth of the Admiralty reserve that Southbroom fortunately still enjoys is also heavily protected and may not be touched, for any reason, without a full Environmental Impact Assessment having been approved by the national Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs.

Report offenders. Preserve the natural heritage of Southbroom.

natural forest
Tropical Leaves
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