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Indigenous Alternatives

More and more nurserymen are realising the value of indigenous plants over exotics and most of them are able to make good suggestions and source the material.  

Maureen Holmes at Froggy Pond and Pat Millar at Rocky Glen, both in Uvongo, are particularly good in this way. Indigi Flora, a small nursery in Munster, is run by husband and wife team Simon and Audrey Woodley, who propagate all their own plants.













Sword Fern

(Nephrolepsis exaltata)

Found in most South African gardens and can even be found sprouting out of the tops of Llala Palms! It is very difficult to eradicate due to its root structure and its resistance to known herbicides. 

Sword Fern originates from North and Central America and West Indies.


Replace it with Creeping Dune Fern (Microsorium scolopendrium); Giant Forest Fern (Nephrolepsis biserrata); or Leather Fern (Rumohra adiantiformis).

Wild Canna or Indian Shot

(Canna indica)

Originates from Central and South America, and West Indies. It is a category 1 invader i.e. a weed which may not be grown and must be controlled.


Replace it with African Gladiolus (Gladiolus dalenii); Red Hot Pokers (Kniphofia spp.); or White Arum Lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica).

Morning Glory

(Ipomoea indica)

This is also a category 1 invader and possibly originated from the West Indies.  It is recognisable by its tangled blue-purple flowers amongst the indigenous vegetation and is unfortunately still quite prolific throughout Southbroom

Replace it with Ipomoea albivenia (Climbing Kapok); Ipomoea ficifolia (Fig-leaved Ipomoea); or Ipomoea mauritiana (Large Forest Ipomoea).

Download these below "Beautiful but dangerous" documents for easy reference.

BBD emerging species.jpg


BBD trees and shrubs.jpg


BBD herbs and grasses.jpg


BBD trees.jpg


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