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Alien Busters

There are alien invaders among us ..... some are dangerous, some are not. The dangerous ones, though, have been quietly, insidiously, working their way into our gardens, our homes, our lives. Deadly invader plants, on a spree of death and destruction, they have put down roots and claimed our lands as their own. And now, only a slow and tortured death awaits the planet.

Or does it?

A small yet determined group has formed to protest ..... determined to save the country from deadly invaders. Armed only with courage, they are preparing to fight back, to reclaim their land, to be free from the evil domination of the invading alien plant hordes.

They are the Alien Busters!

Their mission : to seek and destroy alien invader plants wherever they find them ..... but they can't do it alone.

They need YOUR help!  

With almost 10% of our province already having been invaded by nearly 200 regiments of alien invader plants, it is just a matter of time before the invasion is irreversible - and before all the locally occurring flora and fauna are forever banished to extinction.

Be alien wise. Be alien active. Become an Alien Buster.

WESSA and The Working for Water Programme websites are very informative.

Visit them by clicking on their links below.

Or fill in our contact form if you would like to get active and help Southbroom.

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