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International Coastal Cleanup day

A special thankyou to our team of 15 volunteers from @oceanfriendlyza Southbroom Conservancy WESSA KwaZulu-Natal Region Ocean Stewards, 501 BJJ South Coast South Shore Surf Club Koastal Kombucha and the individuals including our youngest ocean warrior 6 year old Malek. Everyone managed to collect 10 full bags of marine litter weighing a total of approximately 20 kgs from a 1km rocky outcrop at low tide from Southbroom main beach for International Coastal Cleanup Day. This is what we found in this small area- 23 x shoes 85 x plastic bottles 21 x glass bottles 11 x tin cans 79 x plastic bags 165 x pieces of large foam 5 x Cigarette butts 2 x cigarette boxes 4 x cigarette lighters 41 x sweet wrappers 38 x plastic takeaway containers 12 x polystyrene takeaway containers 12 x fishing tackle 16.6 m of fishing line 2 m of rope 12 foam packaging 9 cable ties 13 x disposable nappies 1 x syringe 10 x pieces of clothing 9 x condoms 85 x small foam pieces 66 x small glass pieces 65 x small plastic pieces Construction materials

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